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Raimonds Movers

Raimonds movers are the local moving experts who can help you with your move, whether it’s within the neighborhood or across the country. Founded in 2008, this full service company offers packing and unpacking services, residential and commercial moving services, storage facilities and more. The company has some of the highest standards of care in the business. In fact, they have a money back guarantee on all their moves. This is a sign that the company truly believes in their work and that they’re dedicated to their customers’ satisfaction.

They’re not the cheapest movers but they’re not exactly the most expensive either, and their reputation for quality service makes up for it. This company is also known for its flexibility. They can accommodate moves at short notice, even if you need to have the crew come out on a Sunday. They also offer packing and storage services, which are great if you’re not ready to move into your new home right away.

This Boston-based moving company raimonds movers is a one-stop shop for everything from furniture assembly to packing and unpacking. Their teams are made up of experienced, friendly and hardworking professionals who can get the job done quickly and efficiently. In addition to packing and moving, they can also assist with relocating large items, and even offer cleaning and organizing services. They also offer a number of different packages, including full-service, packing-only and labor only.

If you’re looking for a team to nimbly navigate your flight of stairs or narrow alleys, look no further than these highly-rated movers. Known as Gentle Giants, they’re so athletic that they actually have an in-house gym to keep their crews fit and ready for any kind of move. Their reputation for speed and finesse have earned them a devoted following, and plenty of Yelp 5-star reviews.

Their standard of excellence has earned this company an A+ BBB rating. Their movers are experienced and can handle anything from the heavy to the delicate, and they’re always ready to take on the challenge of a tight schedule or unique circumstance. One past client recounted how they helped him move in the midst of a New England snowstorm, and they did so without skipping a beat.

While their rates aren’t cheap, they’re certainly competitive for Boston. They charge by the hour, and their prices fall into four different tiers: discount, regular, sub-peak and peak. They also offer a free quote for any move, which is helpful if you’re trying to budget your moving costs. They also provide packing and storage services, and can help with specialty items like mirrors or artwork. They can even handle short-term and overnight storage for those last-minute moves!