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Bill Bhangal Was Sentenced to 18 Months of Probation in a Sexual Assault Case

Bill Bhangal has been sentenced in a sexual assault case. His victim was angry and scared. The victim had been struggling for two years and dropped out of school. She was in debt and relying on her parents. The victim’s testimony is compelling. Bhangal has a successful business background, has worked for charity in the community, and has two letters of reference that attest to his character.

Bill Hundal

Hundal was convicted of sexually assaulting his daughter in 2006. The trial lasted over six months. During his trial, Hundal argued that he was the victim of ineffective assistance of counsel. The court found Hundal guilty of six counts of lewd acts and sentenced him to six years in state prison. In his appeal, Hundal argued that he was not given adequate counsel because of his substance abuse and lack of preparation.

M. questioned her father’s motives. She felt that her father was intruding on her privacy. She protested, but reluctantly agreed. She was wearing her first bra.

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Sentencing of Bill Bhangal in sexual assault case

Bill Bhangal was convicted of sexual assault in February 2013 and sentenced to 18 months of probation. A judge ruled that jail time would be disproportionate given Bhangal’s good character. Bhangal’s lawyer is appealing the conviction. The woman who was the Bill Bhangal victim of the assault is hopeful that the Crown will appeal the sentencing.

Pam Hundal, the former Progressive Conservative party candidate from Brampton-Springdale, had two unsuccessful campaigns for the Ontario legislature. Pam Hundal, who is a lawyer, has also filed a civil lawsuit against Bhangal.

Impact of defamation suit on Jiffy Lube’s revenue

Jiffy Lube is facing a class-action lawsuit filed by employees of the company. The lawsuit alleged that the company’s “no-poach” policy violated the Sherman Act and was anti-competitive. The company has agreed to settle the case in principle.

The plaintiff can ask for damages based on lost revenue and projected earnings prior to the defamation. The plaintiff should also keep records of the expenses related to the lawsuit. The plaintiff may need expert witnesses to help prove that he or she suffered emotional distress.