Dan Seap

A Church In Sterling Heights – Is There Such A Thing?

Is it possible to have a church in sterling heights? That is a question I was posed recently by an acquaintance. I do know of another church in sterling heights that has been up for lease. It is interesting that the owner says that he would like to keep the structure as is. So, does this mean we are not allowed to have a church in sterling heights https://www.elimrestoration.com?

church in sterling heights

In answering this question, let me share what I believe is important to a full gospel community. It seems to me that we should look beyond building to our relationships with God. For starters, I think it makes sense for the members of the church to build a strong relationship with Jesus Christ. The Bible calls him “lord,” which certainly puts him in a unique position to have the power and authority to speak truth to men (and women) with no fear of intimidation or criticism. It also makes sense that if we were to build a strong relationship with our heavenly Father, he would come to our rescue when he is ready to. That is my belief.

What I’m saying is that we should have a “full blown” faith community before we can expect to receive help from our heavenly Father. If you are an active Christian, I would suggest that you look for a full gospel community church where you can hear worship and fellowship music. When I say full gospel community church, this is in reference to being part of a neighborhood or area church. Most often, a community church will be a place of worship that meets regularly for several hours, but they also may open their church up to the community for events and activities as well.

A full blown church is one where the fullness of the body of Christ is experienced and celebrated. A church with a full Gospel program is called a fully restored church. A church in sterling heights, on the other hand, is a church that has been restored to its original form or design.

In order for us to experience a full Gospel experience, we must first experience the fullness of God’s love for us. God’s love for the church can be described as, “the reconciling of God’s mind to God’s heart.” How do we do that? We get in touch with our heavenly Father through our church leaders, we experience Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, and we follow His teachings to walk with Him in holiness. The full Gospel is the basis of the Kingdom of God.

What kind of church in sterling heights exists? It exists when there are Bible studies, regular church activities, Sunday school, prayer sessions, child activities, musical concerts, Bible studies, youth groups, bible discussions, youth camps, and when children are allowed to go to school with the older children. A church in the truest sense of the word is when the Holy Spirit is at work among the people attending the church. I have been told countless times that it is impossible to serve God and man at the same time. God must be served and man must be served. If we will come together as a body of Christ, we will have a complete and total Gospel experience.

A church in sterling heights does not exist without its members. Every church that claims itself to be a church has members. We are not all the same. A church that claims that its members are perfect and without sin is not a church in sterling heights.

Every church claims that it is filled with people from every walk of life. But, how can we be all the same? We are all different. We are all made of different flesh and blood. We are not all perfect in our perfection. A true gospel experience would never claim that any of its members are perfect – we are all perfect, in body, mind, and soul.