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Marquee Hire in London

Whether you are holding a corporate event or a private party in London, marquee hire is an ideal venue for a variety of reasons. It is not only a convenient way of organising your next event, but it is also cheap. However, if you are planning to rent a marquee for the occasion, it is important to know what kind of space you need to hire, and the best size for your crowd.

Marquees come in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials. You can find a stretch tent marquee for the wedding of your dreams, or a bespoke marquee for your next birthday party. While some people may want a gigantic marquee, others may opt for something a little smaller and more manageable. A small marquee can be a great option if you are on a budget, but don’t have room to accommodate your guests.

One of the most impressive and interesting things about a marquee is that it can be installed over just about any doorway. The framed marquee is particularly attractive because it can stand up to extreme weather conditions for a prolonged period of time. These are the marquee hire london perfect options for outdoor events. While you are at it, why not add a few extras to the mix? You can include a chill out area, chocolate fountains and a dance floor to give your guests a little more oomph.

The first of the two notable citations is the Garden Pavilion, which is a beautiful glazed and carpeted marquee situated in the grounds of the Grade II listed Georgian house. Located in Belair Park, this landmark house is not for the faint of heart, but if you are in the market for a palatial location for your next wedding or other special event, you can’t go wrong here.

The second is the ASW Marquees, which offers a large selection of different marquees and a whole lot more. From a simple and stylish tubular marquee to a huge marquee that can seat 400 guests, ASW Marquees will have the perfect setting for your special occasion.

The ASW Marquees also comes with a number of additional features, including a large indoor function room and a marquee site on the rugby pitch of the sports club. This is an ideal venue for a wide range of events, from business conferences to Valentine’s day discos. Moreover, you can have your marquee decorated in your own style.

The ASW Marquees is also an excellent way of saving money while still enjoying all the amenities of a hotel. In addition to a variety of different marquees, you can also choose from a slew of high quality furniture and accessories. For example, a DJ booth can be fitted to your chosen marquee, giving you the chance to have a night to remember. The company also provides heating equipment and lighting, as well as a full suite of catering services.

If you are planning a big event and don’t have enough money for a hotel or a venue, you can use the ASW Marquees to save the day. They provide you with all the necessary gadgets, from a branded marquee to an LED dance floor, making them the perfect party planner.